Classical Hatha yoga was developed in the 10th-11th centuries. It uses a combination of psychological and physical methods to calm the mind and bring the body and spirit into beautiful harmony.

This is the most convenient form of exercise, since it doesn't have any particular limitations: you can practice in any condition and at any time to prolong flexibility, youth and beauty.

A type of yoga consisting of an exercise system designed to awaken a person's energy from the base of the spine through regular practice of meditation, pranayama, sets of asanas, and chanting mantras. It is effective for coping with almost any life issues. It improves concentration and induces calm and a feeling of happiness, even after 11 minutes of exercises.

кундалини йога
Айенгара йога
Static practice with detailed, careful tuning and deep study of each asana for alignment to achieve symmetry in the body.

By remaining in each asana for a long time and directing our attention inward, we cause our consciousness to work with the body and affect not only the muscles, joints and ligaments, but also the internal organs and systems, emotions, and state of mind.

The practice moves from simple to complex to gradually awaken the body, develop awareness and sensitivity, create connections between different parts of the body, and improve the connection between mind and body, as well.

SunShineYoga is designed for residents of the metropolis, who are deprived of the opportunity to fully receive the energy of the sun, due to which the "moon", i.e. The passive (dark) side of the personality dominates, and as a consequence, fatigue and depression are manifested.

Complex SunShineYoga will allow each practitioner to get a charge of vivacity, and further distribute energy to different areas of life according personal priorities.

The Asan SunShineYoga complex is designed for any level of
practitioners, it is built on a combination of Hatha Yoga, to work
with body and energy, as well as meditation, to calm the mind and bring the whole body into harmony, and work with the intention, to channel the accumulated energy into the constructive.

SunShineYoga is a unity with the energy of the sun nourishing
everything alive, the opportunity to find inner balance and to feel boundless harmony with the surrounding world. With the help of the SunShineYoga program part of the sun will live within you.

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