Qigong is a unique Chinese exercise practice and is one of the oldest wellness systems, known for over 4000 years. After being passed down through generations of Chinese masters and continually improving over the centuries, it has developed into a unique type of fitness suitable for any age that does not require any special physical ability. It involves slow and graceful movements that balance the internal flow of energy (qi or chi) and help the internal organs to function optimally. You will begin to feel the effects after several sessions.

Qigong helps restore mobility of joints and improves posture, and also gives the spine flexibility and mobility, improves blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure. You will learn to keep your balance and coordinate your thoughts and movements. Qigong teaches control over the body, thoughts and feelings.

During the sessions, you will learn the following Qigong practices:

  • Spine stretches
  • Joint stretches
  • Return of Spring breathing exercises
  • Eight Pieces of Brocade
  • Meditation for the alignment of yin and yang
  • Six Healing Sounds exercises
  • Tai Chi Chuan (Yang style)
  • Tendon stretche


Led by Victoria Kopylova
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