8 anti-stress practices in Moscow

If the soul asks for calming and appeasing
and communicating tet-a-tet
Calm consciousness is not all that is needed for happiness, but you can start with it.
Massage & Sound meditation
The most amazing experience in the massage practice of relaxation is the combination of massage with sound meditation. While one specialist is working with the body, the second specialist in unison of the massage therapist introduces the client into the meditative practice with the sound of singing bowls and a crystal harp.
Consulation of Aura-soma
Have you ever tried conversely psychology? Aura-soma - this is an alternative method of working with the psyche and adjusting patterns of behavior in the desirable and most productive direction.
Consultation of herbalist
This procedure allows you to diagnose the state of your health and appropriately choose the optimal form of phytotherapy for detoxication the body, rejuvenating and creating a new diet for natural longevity.
Puncture of colors
By influencing certain acupuncture points and meridians, colorpoint balances the energy channels in the human body. It quickly helps with stressful situations and is a necessary supporting procedure in the treatment of neurotic and depressive conditions.

If the soul asks for inspiration and new movement
Sound meditative practice in the group allows you to relax and release consciousness. Hourly practice every Thursday and Saturday gathers like-minded people in the MBS Center for a deep musical immersion in their unconscious.
Arrangement with Aura-soma
To clarify the situation in solving complex problems in the relationship with colleagues, in the family, with the loved one can be through the arrangement of Aura-soma.
The author's method of Anastasia Kuznechikova combines meditative practices with the elaboration of asanas on the flexibility of the body. And as you know, in a healthy body - a healthy mind.
Yoga of critical alightment
For those who are tired of straining and suffering from back pain that does not allow them to enjoy life quietly, yoga of critical alignment opens amazing opportunities to restore health to the spine and work problem areas in the back, and this brings back youth and vivacity to the body!
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